Making a donation

The restoration is complete, but we still desperately need donations! 
With your help Swallow will stay alive, on the water...bringing the magic of sailing to as many people as possible.
Money sent now will help pay for planned maintenance over the winter/spring. It doesn't sound very exciting, but we need to keep Swallow in good condition to be safe, and preserve her for the future. Insurance costs are another struggle for us.  
There are several ways you can donate. Those outside the UK may find Paypal easiest. Please email if you want to make a bank transfer to our account.

Cheques are best for UK residents as they save us PayPal fees.

Please make payable to "Sail Ransome" and post to:
   Magnus Smith
   1 High Copse
   GU9 0BL

  Send money with Paypal:
Our most hearty thanks go out to all of you who donated. You have been fantastic!