The renovation of 'Swallow' was made possible by the generosity of approx 100 people, plus these organisations:

Eastwood Whelpton
This boatyard in Norfolk were kind enough repair Swallow in 2017 and look after her all winter. We couldn't have managed without them!

Patterson Boatworks
These wonderful craftsmen and women build and renovate wooden boats in the Lake District. They were kind enough to repair and revarnish Swallow to an amazing standard, without charging any labour, during 2010.

International Marine
Well known for their yacht and dinghy paints, International kindly donated all the varnish required for Swallow, and arranged for her display at the London Boat Show 2011.

Nancy Blackett Trust
Almost a sister organisation, the NBT charity took care of the finances in the early stages of fund-raising, adding a 28% boost via 'Gift Aid'. They were also an invaluable source of advice.

Goacher Sails
This sail loft turns out championship-winning sails for highly technical racing dinghy classes, as well as traditional sails (and covers) for boats like Swallow.