Capsize test, August 2015 at Chichester Harbour (a deliberate test, with no kids aboard).
These are performed regularly to ensure that the buoyancy equipment is functioning correctly. Wood may float, but not always above the water, so we use modern methods to ensure the safety of our guests. Swallow is difficult to capsize, but relatively easy to right again without outside assistance.

Twins - one fair one dark-haired - sail Swallow on Chichester Harbour in 2014:

We visited Buckler's Hard, a favourite anchorage for the Ransomes, in 2013.
Spot the lazy anchor work
Sophie Neville takes the helm once more

Swallow is spending 2012 in the Lake District, giving joy and excitement to different families once or twice a week.
Excitment on the faces of our youngest crew
Iconic hills in the background
Moored in the secret harbour on the island

Swallow spent a hectic few weeks in Norfolk, and the following pictures are from Joe Farrow and Will Daniels.
A Norfolk Punt racing dinghy called Swallow 2 chases the small Swallow across Barton Broad
Looking aft at the helmsman whilst sailing on Hicking Broad
Moored on the Broads (the 'Outlaw' was obviously hiding in the reeds)

Swallow met with Nancy Blackett (Arthur Ransome's own yacht) on the River Orwell, and was graced by another visit from Sophie Neville.
©John Saxton

Swallow visited Chichester Harbour, a place where Arthur Ransome enjoyed yacht cruising in his later years. Bosham Sailing Club hosted a Classic boat rally, and Swallow attracted many visitors.
Magnus Smith (one of the project's founders) has a perfect day's sailing
View over the bows into the estuary
Cruising past Thorney Island

Swallow was sailed for the first time in 2011, since filming ended in 1973. Sophie Neville went aboard her ship again at Coniston, and many others had the chance to sail too.
©Barry Healas -
Swallow was exhibited at the London Boat Show in January 2011, shortly after renovation. She gleamed!
©Tom Gruitt -
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A grown-up Sophie Neville, who played Titty Walker in 1974, is reunited with Swallow.
©Sail Ransome
These photos from October 2010 show the restoration process.
©Patterson Boatworks
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Old varnish stripped off, woodwork ready for repairs
Internal varnishing begins
Bow has been repaired very nicely
First few coats of varnish completed
The transom is looking much neater (the name will be repainted)
Remember John oiling the mast in Swallowdale?
These photos show Swallow's condition as purchased in May 2010.    
©Sail Ransome
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Transom - shows sculling notch and name


Rear seat is not original as has modern screws and design of support


Owners/builders mark - WIlliam King boatyard of Burnham-on-Crouch.


Older-looking rudder

Ugly rudder (used in the film) fits on better

 Older rudder has "SWALLOW" cut into it

Main thwart - the design of the 'knees' dates the construction as post-war
Fore thwarts showing mast support and an old bolt used as a belaying pin
Mast step
Gaff is badly split
(but boom and mast are fine)

The sail - made by Cranfield Sails (Burnham-on-Crouch)


Boom jaws go round the mast


Roger's place


Bow - showing red paint below the waterline


A very simple tiller and the rowlocks

Traveller goes up and down the mast (no sister-hooks to mouse)
Halyard sheave at top of mast
All spars and oars
(rather heavy for children to lift!)